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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Phy is old-fashioned..

Girls, how do you feel when a man ogles at you, wolf-whistles at you or walk up to you with cheesy and idiotic lines to ‘get to know you’? I know every girl is different and have different levels of tolerance. Some might even love it just for the attention.

For me, wolf whistles or whatever ludicrous noises a man can make with his mouth makes me wanna slap the perp.  Undressing me with their eyes makes me want to punch their teeth in and the infamous ‘Hi, boleh berkenalan?’ makes me want to run for cover . Or barf on their shoes.

Unsophisticated? Maybe. Bizzare? Probably.

I do love dolling up (granted, I have my lazy days) and I do like my efforts to be appreciated as the next girl. I do like attention (like, who doesn’t) as long as it’s the right kind. Here are what I personally find acceptable and unacceptable:

Making eye contact while talking to me is acceptable.

Talking to my boobs are not.

Asking to be introduced by a mutual friend, or if there is none, being a gentleman by striking a proper, non-sleazy conversation to get to know me is acceptable.

Coming up to me with an obnoxious  smirk and using any cheesy line is unacceptable (especially if a group of your friends are sniggering in the background, wondering which among them are going to win a bet over whether I will respond to you or not).

Saying ‘You look nice today’ or ‘That hairstyle/dress/lipstick suits you’ is acceptable.

Saying ‘Hey sexy, give this looooove machine a smack with your lips. C’mon, you know you want to’ while making smooching noises is not .

Looking at me with polite appreciation is acceptable.

Undressing me with your eyes is not.

Trying to get my attention by any gentlemanly means is acceptable.

Trying to get my attention by making all sorts of disgusting smacking noises with your mouth is not.

Call me old –fashioned, but that’s how I roll.. Cheers!