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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Do's and Don'ts On A Speedboat Ride

On an impromptu trip to Labuan I decided to take a speedboat trip from Membakut instead of taking the ferry ride at KK. I also used the speedboat when I came back. So here are some dos and don'ts on a speedboat ride.

Don't wear heels or flip flops. The former will increase the probability of you toppling into the water while you are trying to cross over from the dock to the boat. You will then be forever known as The-Girl-Who-Toppled-Head-First-Into-The-Water-Because-Of-No-Footwear-Sensibilities.

The latter is extereme whereby it may be so afraid of water that it would stay on the dock as you step onto the boat or it likes water so much that it would hop from your foot right into the water and leave you looking like an idiot as you attempt to fish it out..

Do wear flats like shoes or sandals with secure straps. It's safer, secure, practical and comfortable. Nuff said.

Don't eat or drink during the boat ride. Not only will you be spilling half your food and/or drink on yourself, you'll also be spilling 2/3 of the other half on other people. It seems like a no brainer but you'd be surprised at the idiocy of some people.

Do bring food in secure containers and then put the containers into plastic if you simply must bring food with you to minimize spillage and bring only bottled drinks with tightly screwed lids...

Don't attempt long conversations during the ride. Speedboat rides are rough especially when the waves are choppy and you get a young driver with the thirst for speed. You might bite off your own tongue in mid conversation. I'm serious.

Do bring a pair of shades with you because apart from looking effortlessly cool and keeping the sun out of your eyes, it will also minimize the embarassment of having a petrified expression on your face the whole 15 minute ride because you WILL have a petrified look on your face especially if it's your first time... Unless you're one of those who lives on adrenaline rushes.

Do try your hardest to have a poker face going on and try not to shriek because in every speedboat there will be an unspoken competition on who's going to display fear/yelp/scream/shriek first. If that lucky first person is you then everyone will be looking at you the whole ride waiting to see how scared you will be when you hit the next big wave.

Do tie your long hair and if it's really long, put it in a bun or you will be flapping your hair in the person next to you's face and that would make your neighbor very unhappy indeed.

Do secure you're tudung to your clothes with pins (keronsang) if you're wearing one. I recommend the 'tudung masuk' or tudung Syria.

Don't do your shawl (selendang) in elaborate styles with long trains (juntai) if you insist on wearing one. It has the same effects as long hair in a ponytail. Your neighbor won't thank you. 

Don't wear a cap/hat on during the ride unless it's a really old one and you're just dying to have a reason to buy a new one or it belongs to your ex boyfriend and you want the sea to be it's new home..

Don't call or SMS during the ride especially if you're sitting at the front/back of the boat or near an open window. The rough ride might make you lose your grip and... Well, you get the picture. Unless of course, you're believe that mermaids exist and you want to establish contact with them by donating them your cellphone.

So there you are friends, the Do's and Don't when going on a speedboat ride. Hope you enjoy your first speedboat ride for those who haven't been on one. Cheers!


Asrih Arif said...

this entry actually reminds me of my first trip to labuan. Hell I went on the freaking speedboat.. I myself like adrenaline rush unfortunately my mom was sitting next to me... She almost had the heart attack of her life... hahahha As soon as we reached labuan, my mom's face looked like a rotten jackfruit.. haha

AnnieMing said...

Good reminder, thanks for sharing!

Phoebe said...

Srih: Hahaha.. A rotten jackfruit huh? I can imagine. I was excited and petrified at the same time on my first speedboat ride. Thank goodness the one I went on recently to Labuan was not my first experience. If it was I think I would have sworn never ever to ride one again.. Driver dasyat.

Annie: My pleasure.. Hehe..