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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Finally Got It... But Not Quite...

Okay, if you're one of my friends on Facebook, you'd know that I have been lusting, yes lusting, after an iPhone and I was torn between the iPhone 3gs and the iPhone 4. Actually, I have been wanting one from when the first model was launched about two years ago. I mean who doesn't right? However it was only the recently that I have an actual possibility of getting one.

The decision between the 3gs and 4 model was made for me however, because when I called the Digi Center at 1Borneo, they told me that they don't have the 3gs model in stock anymore and it's being discontinued. Obviously, 4 is the only way to go.

When I finally arrived at 1 Borneo Digi Center, the guy who attended to me told me that the video call is only for between iPhone 4s and the Bluetooth function only for between iPhones. As we all know, all songs and movies or clips are also only available at iTunes. All this is because it's a closed function phone.

Then he showed me another smart phone which is the HTC Aria. This Smartphone is an open function phone and is much cheaper even with all the add-ons. Facts-wise, my brain KNOWS that HTC Aria is cheaper and convenient BUT since I have been wanting an iPhone for years now and it's so difficult for me to even contemplate buying a phone that is other than that.

Also if I were to be honest, another reason why I was hesitant was because... Well... The iPhone is famous whereas the HTC is... Quite unknown... I mean it's out there but there's not much exposure about the brand as the iPhone has.. Superficial, but true.

I called my eldest sister up who bought the 3gs model just this year and asked her opinion on which I should buy. Her answer was something that I never expected. She actually told me that the HTC is better though she was not familiar with HTC Aria as she was with the HTC Desire. She was really singing it praises up to the point when I actually asked her "If HTC is so good, why on Earth did you buy an iPhone?". She said it was because she didn't know about it at first.

I went back to the Digi Center and asked to see the Desire model. I looked almost like an iPhone. After testing the function and looking through the quotations of various add-ons, I happily purchased the HTC Desire in Grey. It's the only one left of that model by the way.

I'll be posting the general pro's and con's between the iPhone 4 and HTC Desire in my next post. Not as an expert, but as a consumer based on my personal preference. I know it's too soon to tell but I know that if my Dee (that's my nickname for my phone.. Hehe..) fulfills all that is promised, it's certainly an exceptional phone, which was what I wanted in the first place. 

Will keep you guys posted. Cheers!


Asrih Arif said...

Really adoi.. Iphone 4 I heard has got a lot of technical problems... Most of my friends here use HTC... I think it's quite well known already since last year.. I think the top 3 'luxurious' phones are Iphone, HTC and Blackberry..

If I were to choose from the 3 brands, I would go for HTC or BB.. not a big fan of Iphone... Unfortunately I have this really bad habit of misplacing my phone.. that's what stopped me from buying expensive phones... since coming to Ireland I've lost 4 phones.. that's less than 4 years.. aiyyo.. But I'm still thinking about buying HTC or BB after my graduation...