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Sunday, November 14, 2010

La Fuente Restaurant, 1Borneo

Yesterday I went to 1Borneo and decided to have lunch at La Fuente Restaurant. In case you can't guess from the name, it's a Spanish restaurant. The ambiance was quite nice and the decor interesting. Spanish music played in the background including songs from the Gipsy Kings which I love.

 The ambience... I love the stain glass chandelier..

The menu. I really love the black and red contrast.. So Spanish-ish... Hehehe...
Notice the half-bodied statue of a singing lady? They have a lot of such statues around the restaurant. Reminds me more of Blues music and New Orleans rather than Spanish. And yeah, tht's me reflected in the mirror. Hehehe..
The pictures on the wall..

This is the ceiling.. How cool is that? :)

I ordered Prawn Tandoori in Pocket Sandwich which is a prawn cooked in Tandoori style and served with minted yogurt in pita bread (RM19.90). For dessert I had initially wanted to try out the Chocolate Volcano (I'm a sucker for all things chocolate, can you tell? Hehehe...) but unfortunately it was not available on that day so I ordered the Crema Catalana which is a Spanish version of Creme Brulee (RM8.90).

Prawn Tandoori in Pocket Sandwich

The Prawn Tandoori was to die for! I remember taking the first bite and thinking, "I never knew food could taste so good" over and over again. Hehehe... I was a bit apprehensive about the minted yogurt but it complemented the dish perfectly. I even ate the lettuce that came with it and that's something because I am quite (okay, very) picky when it comes to vegetables.

Crema Catalana

The Crema Catalana was quite good too. The thin, golden layer of burnt sugar cracks to reveal a fluffy, creamy interior when you dip your spoon into it. The the caramelized shards taste sweet but not overly so and infused with a touch of cinnamon which rings true to the spicy style of Spanish dishes.The creamy part is only ever so slightly sweet.

 They have a stage for a live band but I'm guessing that they only play in the evenings. The only thing that I disliked immensely is the cheekiness of the male staff. They acted like randy bucks in heat if you know what I mean. For an expensive restaurants, such behavior is not acceptable. The waitresses are nice, friendly and more disciplined though.

That's the stage with some band equipments and Penelope Cruz at the background. And no, that's not a real person playing the guitar, it's one of the statues I mentioned earlier.

In terms of price it's quite pricey with certain dishes reaching up to RM60 including taxes such as the Paella. There are some moderately priced dishes though so you can choose according to your budget. Overall, I think that it's a nice restaurant that's great for special occasions.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Phylicia... It's so nice of you to write about our restaurant in your blog.. Glad you like the food and our environment! I'm very sorry about the behaviour of our staff! Well there is no bad intention... They just trying to be over friendly! Dont worry this things won't happened anymore! Already warned all my staff... Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate you! Anyway I owe you a Chocolate Volcano. Next visit just look for me (Chef Gopi) or Simpson! Thank you for your feedback.. Will see u soon!

Chef Gopi

Phoebe said...

Hi Chef Gopi..
Yes, I LOVE the food and the decor. I'm glad and appreciate that you take feedbacks positively and make efforts to improving the quality of service.. :)

Thank you, I am looking forward to trying out the Chocolate Volcano. May I know what time does the live band starts playing?

Anonymous said...

hi! phylicia we have live band playing every thursday 8.30pm..maybe in december we play them Friday *.30pm

Phoebe said...

Oh, okay. Will look forward to it tonight. :)