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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Movie: Megamind

I went to see the movie (or rather, cartoon) Megamind in 3D at 1Borneo last night and it was so funny! I watched it again today with my boo. I think it's going to be one of those cartoons that I don't get tired of watching over and over again. I think I'll be purchasing the DVD in the future..

It's about this villain ,Megamind (Will Farrel), whose goal in life was to defeat the city's hero, Metroman (Brad Pitt). He managed to do so one day and ran rampant in the streets. Eventually he became bored because there was no hero to stop him, hence he hatched a plan to make things interesting for himself again. I won't say anything more lest it ruins the plot for those who haven't watched it yet..

The Adorable Minion

On both the occasion that I watched it the theatre was almost empty which is a good thing because we (meaning all 5 of us viewers) could laugh our heads off as loud as possible without annoying anyone and sit wherever we wanted. It's a pity that so many are missing out on the movie though. Then again, it could be empty because we were watching it in 3D so I don't know how the 'normal' movie did.

Do pay attention to the conversation and the little details in this movie if you decide to watch it. These are the things that makes this Laugh-Out-Loud-Whenever-You-Remember-It funny... All in all, it's different from the usual Good Vs Evil cliche cartoon yet quite familiar as well..

That's all for now folks. Cheers!