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Friday, November 12, 2010

Only You...

I've tried my hardest but I just don't get it. Why is this all turning out to be a nightmare? When? How? Why?

What did I do to you? What did I do to all of you?

It doesn't even concern most of you. Napa sibuk sangat sampai mau take sides?

Allah, you know the truth. If it is for the greater good that they know and realize that what they are doing is wrong, then please open their eyes. If for some reason only known to You that it is best otherwise, let it be so. I do have one favor to ask of You though, and that is to give me the strength and guidance I need to navigate through this mess.

Allah, only You can help. It is only You who listens patiently, without judgement . 

Let me learn from my mistakes for I've done many. Help me attain peace of heart and mind and help me to be in a better place, literally and figuratively..

Help me to have patience and not submit to the insanity of it all. Help me to do the right thing, to say the right thing. Help me to hold my silence if need be. Protect me from those who intend to hurt me in any way.