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Sunday, November 21, 2010

iPhone 4 Vs HTC Desire - A Technology-Challenged Consumer's Opinion..

As promised, here is my post on the pros and cons of both the iPhone 4 and HTC Desire. Let me just make some things clear. I'm am NOT an expert on Smartphones, I just got my own for the first time ever less than a week ago.

Thus, this is a CONSUMER's point of view (a technologically-challenged on at that). So I apologise in advance if I fail to mention counter-explainations (if there are any) to the list of disadvantages listed below. Know that I am not with-holding information on purpose, I just don't know about it. So don't sue me.

So here goes:

iPhone 4

- Gorgeous visuals.
- Video Calls.
- Zoomed text still looks like ink and not blurred, unreadable whatchamacallit.
- Better connection (antennae along the left-side of the phone) than iPhone 3gs.
- Spoiled for choice when it comes to phone covers and cases.

- Does not have 4g technology, thus, cannot be used as a modem (correct me if I'm wrong about this).
- Video calls can only be made between iPhone 4 (it's the only 1 that has video call feature after all).
- Bluetooth can only be done between iPhones.
- Music can only be downloaded from iTunes (iTunes need to be downloaded and installed to one's laptop or PC).
- Need to add on RM220 for a two-year warranty if you get it from Digi.
- 2 year contract if you get it from Digi.


HTC Desire

- Lower price than iPhone.
- No 24 month commitment with Digi (It’s not on promotion).
- I t uses android technology so it can be used as a broadband for PC or laptop.
- When not connected with a laptop/PC, it acts as a pocket PC.
- User friendly.
- Open application, meaning it can transfer data to and receive data from other hand phones such as Nokia, - Sony Ericsson, etc.
- Unlimited free apps from Android Market.

- No video call.
- Not a lot of options for phone covers and cases.
- Short battery life. Need to charge twice a day with heavy usage. Not sure if there is a way to save battery life.

Excuse me while a hide from the pitchfork-wielding iPhone owners..