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Thursday, November 25, 2010

How Trippin' To Be Cool Can Backfire...

Two days ago I had 2 missed calls from an unknown number. Usually I would just let it be but since I've had a few very important transactions done recently, I figured that it might be important and decided to call back.

A man answered and asked me about a big project in God-Knows-Where. He was talking in a West Malaysian slang. I told him that he got the wrong number but he insisted that Mr L gave him my number. After a few rounds of going back and fort like that he reluctantly apologized. I thought that was the end of it.

However, he sent me a text message yesterday saying that Dato N has given him a check of RM60K and that I was to inform Mr L to come to his office since Mr L wanted to borrow a sum of RM20K from him.. Not impressed, I just replied you got the wrong number dude.

He apologized and said he thought I was Datin (Yeah right, the way he said it sooo doesn't reflect the way someone would adress a Datin). Anyway, I just said "No problem man..." and I thought THAT was the end of it.

That evening at almost 8pm the guy text messaged me again and asked "How did you know my name is Man?" Adooooooiiii....I didn't know whether to be irritated or laugh.


Note to self: Ask if the unknown person's name is Man or Dude before using cool and laid-back phrases involving those two words on him.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

LOL. what an idiot.

Phoebe said...

Kan? I didn't bother replying.. Wasting my credit.. LOL..