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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Dainty Pearls: What is it?

Hello there..

How is your week so far? I hope that you are having a good one.

I will be doing a new series in this blog named 'Dainty Pearls'. You see, most of the time I would dedicate an entire post to a particular topic. However, there are instances when I like to write a little about a lot of random things such as a product that has caught my eye, an embarassing moment, etc in one post.

Hence the name 'Dainty Pearls'. 'Dainty' because each topic is short, sweet and bite-sized, 'Pearls' because although the topics are random, all of them are precious and significant to me. Also, the pearl is my birthstone.

Here are some of my pearls for this post:

1. Part of the pregnancy quirkiness is that I would just wash my face with cleanser and I am done. I don't use moisturiser, let alone serums and masks. Unfortunately, this habit carried on post delivery. For the past month however, I have made efforts to incorporate a basic 3-step skin care routine day and night. Now that I have made that into a habit, I decided to up the ante by adding a serum and eye cream into my skincare routine.

I used Hada Labo's Arbutin Whitening Essence on my freckles both day and night. During the day I would use Garnier's Light Brightening Eye Roll-On and at night, Origin's GinZing Eye Cream. So far so good. I am so proud if myself for taking steps towards self-improvement. After these items have become an integral part of my skincare, I aim to start wearing sunscreen everyday when I go out. Keeping my fingers crossed.

2. Now when I go to places such as Watson, I find myself getting a bit bored looking at makeup. Maybe it is because I don't have spare cash to buy and experiment with the new products jadi malas la mau tengo2. Huhu..

3. What I have been gravitating towards at Watson and other drugstores however are skincare. Yes, skincare. For some reason looking at all the new products invoked an excitement in me. I am currently eyeing Neutrogena's Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash, Safi Balqis Perfect 10 Cleanser and Toner as well as whitening and anti-aging lines from a few other brands. Tengo la macam mana after I have finished the ones that I currently have in my beauty closet.

4. I have been loving Fox Channel programmes such as NCIS (which I once thought was boring), Medium, Castle and Criminal Minds. I have also started watching Ghost Whisperer on StarWorld and Client List on the Life Channel.

5. I have been such a Butter Fingered Klutz lately. I have broken so many things from my mum's phone casing to one of the window panes. Sigh!

6. Sophie is growing not only her 7th tooth but her 8th tooth as well! Kesian the wee little kitten. She has been going around as grumpy as a lion with a thorn in its paw. I wish I could do simething to relieve her discomfort. Any tips?

7. I have been reaching out for my Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner in Expresso Ink a lot lately. I feel that it gives my eyes definition without being too dramatic. I had stopped using it over a year ago because it had hardened a bit. I have never really found it in me to throw it away because it was my first gel liner. I am glad I kept it because aside from being a bit hard to work with, I am loving the effect it gives to my eyes.

8. Been playing with colourful makeup more than ever lately..

9. I have finally been able to open Sophie's ASB account after 3 failed attempts! Turns out if you open an account for your child at ASB itself, they will automatically open both ASB and ASN.

So this is all for the moment. Thank you for reading this post. Cheers!