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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Imotiv vs Bloglovin' App

Hello hello...

I have been using Imotiv since the day when it was still NuffnangX almost a year ago (or is it over a year ago?) While I loved the fact that I could read updates on the blogs I follow in one place, I still find it difficult to read all the updates because I follow a lot of blogs. I wished that I could separate the list into two. One for international beauty bloggers and the other for my local blogger friends.

Then about a week ago, I discovered Bloglovin' and I decided to follow my list of beauty blogs using it. Now I am officially hooked!! Here's why:

Your newsfeed only shows you posts that you have not read. You can also mark a post as 'read' if you want to skip reading a post that uninterests you and it will disappear from your feed. No more clutter on your feed!

At one touch of an icon (on the top left corner) you will see the total posts that you have not read. You will also see a list of the blogs you follow and the number of new updates each blog has. You can also search for other blogs to follow, change your settings and log out from that same menu. Talk about convenience.

In your feed there is also an icon on the top right corner that allows you to 'refresh' and 'mark all as read'.

When you are reading a post, this same icon gives you the option to 'like', 'visit blog', 'unfollow' and 'share'. It's so easy to use and fuss-free, I feel like crying tears of joy. Dramatic, I know but it is so refreshing not having to scroll down endlessly past post that disinterests me/I have already read like on Imotiv.

I wish that Imotiv would improve its app to be more clean and user-friendly. Also, recently Imotiv has kept jamming up and each time I back out of a post to go into it's main menu, it would exit completely. Bikin tinggi darah sy jak. Huff!

I hope you give the Bloglovin' app a try especially if you're an avid blog reader. Honestly, it will change your life! Oh, and don't forget to follow this humble blog while you're at it okay? Hehe.. Sempat lagi self-promote.

Thanks for reading this post. See you in the next one. Cheers!