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Sunday, July 21, 2013

What's In My Beauty Closet: Lotions And Potions Collection

Hello there..

For someone who does not really put on lotion consistently everyday, I sure have a lot of them. What can I say, I am easily bored and a sucker for great discounts and sweet promises made by beauty companies. Sometimes I wish that I could be the kind of girl that always has a bottle of lotion in their handbags. Kulit sentiasa halus, mulus lagi wangi.. Baru girly girl kan? Hehe... Oh well.. You might never know.

Anyways, come and have a peek into my collection of lotions and potions.


Got this from one of L'Occitane's Christmas sets back in 2009.

 This is from one of L'Occitane's sets for Summer 2010 I think. I didn't even like this scent, I just wanted the cute nautical bag that came with it. Shame on you Phy, shame on you!

 Got this lotion in 2010 as well because it was new. It has a watery texture and is dispensed by a spray pump which I find is unique.

Another lotion purchased in 2010. It was on sale together with a body scrub. How could I resist? This lotion smells gorgeous by the way. 

Bought this to kasi cukup membership points. 

 Utterly in love with this.. I am holding out on this a bit because it is fairly new and I don't know when I will be able to repurchase it if it runs out.

I purchased this while I was pregnant because this is supposed to help prevent stretch marks. Sama juga dapat stretchmarks sebab malas2 pakai. Padan muka ko Phy.

I received a 50% birthday voucher from The Body Shop last year so I decided to buy their dry oil. Sweet kan The Body Shop bagi birthday voucher? Masalahnya this year sy nda dapat. What gives?

Each lotion bottle represents me trying to get into the habit of moisturizing my body. Niat suci lagi murni tapi sentiasa tuntas. I guess all this while I just thought that my skin will always be this young. Now that I have turned 27, I kinda feel that I really must step up when it comes to caring and moisturizing my skin. I am happy to say that for the past month I have been quite consistent in putting on lotion twice a day. Bangga tau. If this keeps up, one of the lotion bottles above will turn up in an 'Empties: Products I have Used Up' post soon. InsyaAllah. 

So am I the only on crazy enough to have this much lotion at a time? What lotion do you use? Please share in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading this post. See you soon. Cheers!



.:fyzz:. said...

byknya barang make up..apapun kalau make up kita akan more confident kan..kak fyzz pun mmg suka make up..even light2 ja..

Phoebe said...

Ya sis, memang banyak barang makeup. Sebab sy makeup junkie. Huwaaa.. Btw, jom terjah my new beauty and lifestyle blog phyrobert.blogspot.com. ^^