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Friday, May 10, 2013

Lifestyle Change Day 31: Sugar Rush

Hello there,

I overdid it today especially with the sugary stuff. It was awful. Normaly I am able to resist temptation but these past few days, more so today, the sweet things seem to be at the edge of my conciousness at all times. It was really hard to ignore.

I think it's not only lack of willpower per se but also because I have been awfully worried and stressed out about money. The bills are piling up and no one has called me in for an interview yet. Sigh... Oh well, I need to remember that tomorrow is a new day and make every effort to do better than today, insyaAllah.

Anyways, here is my log for today:


Breakfast: 1 mug protein and black soyabean drink, 1 slice of white bread toast, 1/2 slice Cheddar cheese, 1 apple.

Brunch: 2 sweet biscuits, 5 teaspoon of thick Milo.

Lunch: 1 pkt instant noodles, 1/2 serving of steamed French beans, 1 spring roll.

Tea time: 2 donuts, 2 pcs of Kueh Bulan, 1 cup Tau Fu Fah in Gula Melaka.

Dinner: 1 Martabak Indonesia.

Water intake: 3 litres.


20 minutes walk. Low intensity.

Until tomirrow. Cheers!