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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Lifestyle Change Day 25: Being Concious.

Hello hello...

On day 25 I still indulged a little bit and this time it is with donuts. Now, I am not a big donut eater. It is not my vice but since Big Apple is only available in KK and I don't get to go there that often anymore, I decided to have it.

I wanted to limit myself to 2 donuts but I can't make up my mind which. I wanted them all! I decided to buy six to share with my family back at home. When I arrived home (pat on the back for not eating any of the donuts during the journey) I divided each of the donuts into 3 equal pieces (for me and my parents).

By having 1 piece of each donuts, I get to taste all 6 varieties yet eating only the equivalent of 2 full donuts. Great isn't it?

1/3 x 6 = 2

Check out my food and exercise below:

Breakfast: 2 1/2 portion of fried mee hoon, 1 stick of fried wonton, 1 stick of fried prawn flavored balls.

Lunch: 2 portions of fried rice, 1 stick of fried chicken balls, 1 fried sausage.

Tea time: 1 donut (3 mini pieces).

Dinner: 1/2 portion of rice, 1/2 serving of sauteed French beans, 2 cuts of chicken (bought), 1 donut (3 mini pieces)

Water intake: 3.5 litres


Walk around in the mall.

Until tomorrow. Cheers!