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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lifestyle Change Day 32: Challenging Myself Again

Hello hello...

Today is jogging day and I upped the ante by maintaining the distance but decreasing the resting time in between jogging sets. When I 1st started I would walk 3 rounds for every 3 rounds I jogged. Then I reduced it to 2 rounds of walking for every 3 jogging rounds.

Now I am doing 1.5 rounds for every 3 running ones. It's a bit of a challenge but feels great after it's over. I have also been increasing my speed during my runs and I find that it's more energising compared to the slow jog.

By the way it rained yesterday and the road was soft and slippery so it was quite distracting. Not only did I have to be concious of my speed, I also had to keep myself from slipping in certain areas. Believe me, it's extra tiringwhen you can't focus mentally.

Have a look at my log for today:


Breakfast: 1 mug protein and black soyabean drink, 1 apple, 1 blackbean pau.

Lunch: 1 roasted chicken wrap (1 pc of store bought pratha, 1/3 serving of sauteed Kecipir vegetable, homemade pickled red onion, 1 roasted chicken breast), 1 small slice of orange butter cake.

Tea time: 1 pc of Kueh Bulan, 1 mug of Hazelnut coffee.

Dinner: 1 portion fried rice, 2 cuts of roast chicken, 5 teaspoon of thick Milo with Cinammon.

Water intake: 4 litres.


-20 minutes jogging. Medium intensity.

-20 minutes walking. Low intensity.

This is all for now. Cheers!