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Monday, June 17, 2013

A Ghostly Disturbance

Hello there,

It's been a while since I have had a ghostly experience. Not that I had been looking for one. Minta simpang jauh2 okay. However, I did have an experience two nights ago when I was staying at a hotel near KK City.

After bathing and washing my face I left my toilettry bag on the rack in the bathroom. Skali a few minutes later I heard something fall. When I checked, it was my toilettery bag.

As I remembered it, there was just no way that my bag could have just fallen over on it's own because it was securely leaning against the wall and it wasn't top heavy or anything like that. The first thing that came into my head was "Jiji alert!" but I quickly brushed it off as being too paranoid.

The next night my sister told me that while she showered, she caught a whiff of a rose scent. It only disappeared after she put on her telekung to pray. Initially she thought that it was me using a rose-scented lotion.

Tau2 that same night Sophie kena kacau. She was sleeping when she started to cry non-stop. I recited the Al-Fatihah whereby she struggled and started to cry even more. I knew then and there that she had been disturbed by the unseen. To say that I was not scared for Sophie would be a lie. I prayed hard that she would not be possessed.

My sister played the Surah Yassin from her phone and Sophie almost immediately stoped crying. She fell asleep and woke up crying again within minutes. This cycle continued about 3 more times before she finally fell asleep peacefully. Totally tidak gundah sikit pun lagi tu.

My sister told me that before she went for a shower she noticed that Sophie had looked beyond my sister and started giggling, as if playing with someone. Yikes! We played Surah Yassin, Al-Baqarah and Al-Waqqiah until morning on repeat and there were no more such disturbances.

Lesson learned? Always be prepared for such situations when you are staying in a hotel or any other place aside from home, especially if you have a child. This is because ghosts (or in Islam we refer the unseen as 'jinn') tends to disturb those who are 'weaker in spirit' (children are not as strong as adults) so always have any defence you can use at hand. Takut bah budak kena kacau, nau'dzubillah minzalik.

So that was my utterly unwanted adventure during my stay in KK. Until the next post. Cheers!