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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Makeup Trend: Candy Hues


I have always loved wearing bright colored makeup whether it is on my lips or eyes. While I don't really wear makeup according to trends, I became pretty excited to see that according to Cleo Magazine Malaysia (June 2013) candy hued makeup is in.

I think when something you love becomes a trend, it just makes it a 100 times better. You can just go all out and not look out of place. I am already thinking of candy color combinations as I am typing this. Hehe..

Some of the bright coloured makeup items in my collection as well as the page from Cleo Magazine Malaysia June Issue.

What do you think of this trend?

Thanks for reading this post. Until the next one. Cheers!



Anonymous said...

sa mo pakai pink or red lipstick jln2 d kk tp x confident ni

Phoebe said...

Hello there..
Sy paham tu. Dulu sy pun x confident. The first time doing anything new is always the hardest but once it's your 2nd time and beyond, okay tu. Chaiyo2 dear. You can do it. Thanks for stopping by.. ^^