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Sunday, June 09, 2013

To Niche Or Not To Niche?

Hello hello...

I have always dreamed of making it big with my blog. To be a successful blogger means that you are exposed to opportunities that you might never have in other line of work. Among them are being invited to cool events and launches, being interviewed on tv and magazines, etc. All very cool experiences, no doubt.

However, it's not so much the fame I crave per se. It would be fabulous to have a huge following of course. However I think the biggest reward is that you get to write in your own voice, your own way and get paid for it. That is very important for me.

Whenever I read about how to gain more followers to my blog, finding a niche is always highlighted. It is said that having a niche that you are passionate about makes a blog relatable to people with interest in that particular subject. I figured that it must be true as I personally met a blogger who after 5 years of lifestyle blogging, finally made it big within 8 months after switching into a travel (backpacking) blog.

I did a lot of soul-searching and came down to these topics that I love:
1. Beauty (makeup)
2. Food (creating simple, delicious dishes)
3. Health and fitness (losing weight without stressing out)
4. Travel and Hospitality (hotels, preferably 5 star resorts *wink*)
5. Parenting

The problem is, I love all of these subjects almost equally. I did a stint on each, even having another blog just for beauty (phoebe-loves-makeup.blogspot.com) which has gathered dust. I also did a lifestyle change gig and now am onto recipes. I tried so hard to find a topic that I can focus my blog on yet I felt like I was grasping at straws. That niche that I was seeking was eluding me big time.

Last night I decided to search on the pros and cons of both lifestyle and niche blogs. I read about some niche bloggers who switched to lifestyle blogging and how it became so much better and enjoyable for them to write. The most important point however, is that blogging shouldn't be stressful. The beauty of blogging is that you can re-invent yourself anytime. You can write a niche blog today, change to a lifestyle blog tomorrow and change back again at the end of the year.

That totaly released me. It helped me to feel that just being myself is acceptable. Sure, I might be into one thing now and another thing tomorrow or next week and thats okay because that's who I am and what interested me at that particular space in time. That's the beauty of writing a lifestyle blog.

So what do you think dear readers? Do you prefer reading lifestyle blogs or blogs focused on specific topics?

Until the next post. Cheers!


P/S: I am happy to say that I immediately got up and started writing down ideas for my upcoming posts after reading those articles last night. It has definitely got my mojo going.. ^^