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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Personal Makeup Project

Hello there..

I am a makeup lover and collector. Buying new makeup always gives me a fantastic rush.. Until my buyer’s remorse kick in that is. Since I have no moolah to spend on makeup nowadays (boo..), I went through my stash with the hopes of re-discovering my favorite products.

I managed to do that and more. It turns out I have quite a bit of products that are almost finished just sitting around. Enough to make a complete makeup set actually *Trying to be surprised. Pedahal.. Hehehe..*

Hence, I decided that if I can’t get my adrenaline rush through buying new makeup products, why not get it through using up all this pile of leftover makeup? Sudah lah boleh get rid of bask in the triumph of using it all up, I won’t have to face buyer’s remorse aaannndd I can make a blog post out of it lagi. Rupanya.. Hehe..

So here are my products:

Rimmel London foundation

 Revlon face primer

 Mac concealer - My first and only concealer from Mac. Can't wait to finish this and add it to my Back To Mac items.

 Another Rimmel London product

Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Pink Blossom 31 

 Mascara by Maybelline - My ultimate go-to brand for mascaras

 My poor broken Mac Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in Signature Blue

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Zero (black) 

 Mac lipstick in Quiet One (Lustre) - My first lipstick from Mac and still one of my faves of all my lippy collection

 The Body Shop Liquid Lip Color in no 16

The Body Shop Lightening Touch in shade 04 

Kate Liquid Eyeliner in BK-1

Lip Smacker's Paul Frank lip balm in Clancy's Cotton Candy - Got this a few days before giving birth to Sophia. That's what I always remember when I see it.. ^^

As someone who gets bored of using the same products easily, I really hope that I could finish using at least some of them before feeling like throwing myself off a cliff. Oh! I almost forgot. I also would like to include 2 non-makeup products into this project.

 One of my L'Occitane lotions - I swear this small bottle seem to be a bottomless pit to me. It doesn't seem to get A-N-Y less than what you see in this pic at all! I think it might be bewitched...

The Body Shop Vanilla Eau De Toilette - I love food type smells. I bought another of this as backup because TBS said that they were going to discontinue it.

Sooo... Yeah.. Those are my products and I am giving myself 6 weeks max to use up at least 5 products. If I don't give myself a time limit tahun depan pun belum tentu habis sebab procrastinate. Huhu..

Do you have any makeup products that you can't wait to use up? Please share in the comments below. Thank you for reading this entry. Cheers!