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Friday, June 21, 2013

What's In My Travel Toiletry Bag

Hello there..

I have been traveling a lot for the past 2 years and as every woman can relate, my toiletry bag used to be big enough to rival my traveling clothes bag. No joke. The thing with us ladies is that we always think that it is better to bring more than less. We say, "Mana lah tau..." ("Just in case..") to justify what we bring when it is really just... Pure excess..

I am proud to say that I have managed to to downsize my toiletry bag considerably although I must admit that this change stemmed more from necessity than anything else. My tight travelling schedule required me to bring only the bare essentials so that I would save room in my carryall and not kill myself from lugging around 10kgs of things I do not need.

Come and take a peek into my travel toiletry bag...

My itsy bisty teeny weeny pinky toiletry bag...

All spread out..

Travel-sized skincare. I am currently using Hada Labo's Whitening range for the purposes of doing a review.

 A disposable razor for any emergency shaving.

Mascara remover. Great for removing the most stubborn and resilient of mascaras. I also use a little to remove my eye liner. *I use baby wipes (which I keep in my handbag) to remove the rest of my makeup*

My sample-sized eye cream.

A dental cleaning product made from rock salt and herbs. This is a sample size.

A feminine wash sample.

Sample shampoo and conditioner.

My hand cream which I use in any other dry areas as well.

I also bring a mini comb and mirror, compact toothbrush and face cloth as you could see from the 2nd photo. All of them are included in the travelling toiletry bag as a set when I bought it. Cool huh? The mirror is a decent one too, not the el-cheapo kind that distort your image worse than a circus mirror. 

Oh, I almost forgot! I have 2 other products that are not shown which are my travel-sized sun protection cream (Cyber Cells by Estee Lauder) and my Hada Labo whitening face wash. They missed the flight to the photo shoot I'm afraid. Hehe..

What is in your toiletry bag? Do you bring more toiletries than you need? Do share.

Thanks for reading this post. See you in the next one. Cheers!