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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Voice Season 4 - Who Are You Rooting For?


Did any of you watch last night's The Voice? I did but ala2 merajuk gitu because my main 'kuda' Judith Hill and second 'kuda' Sarah didn't make it to the top 6. I had expected all of my husband *cough*, Adam Levine's team and only that 16 year old from Blake's team to make it. Tau2 the opposite happened! Nooo...

I swore that I wouldn't watch The Voice again after that unfortunate night. Tp last2 semalam gatal juga tu tangan tekan channel 721 (AXN HD gitu). The 'hubs' still has Amber on his team so as his wife I am obliged to watch and give moral support right? *sila muntah jika perlu* Sebagai tanda boikot dan tidak setuju, I put on my Beats Audio earphones on whenever Blake's team sings to stop their voices from violating my ears. Childish, I know but I am still pissed.

Anyways, I am so happy to know that Amber has made it to the next round. She is the underdog of Adam's team compared to Judith and Sarah but she is surprising everyone with her performances for the past 2 weeks. I, for one am delighted. I hope she wins. Sasha is a great rival but the people of America seems to be gravitating towards Country singers this season so Amber still has a chance at winning.

Who are you rooting for The Voice Season 4?



Aemy Nadira said...

its been so long i didnt follow the voice. but its holiday, so maybe i'll catch it up again. hehe

Phoebe said...

Hi Aemy. Yes, do catch up with it. Hooefully the swon brothers will be eliminated thia coming Sunday. Hehe..