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Friday, June 21, 2013

Lifestyle Change: Good Intentions

Hello hello..

Last night before bed I had intended to start jogging again starting today. Then I woke up to find that my mum was already gone to her weekly 'Ladies Day' with her friends. Sophie pula sudah bagun. Jadi niat suci lagi murni beta untuk berlusir pun tuntas. Haha..

I guess I could jog in the evening but living here in the middle of the forest, I'd be a moving Happy Meal for the resident mozzies in the area. Pagi2 tiada nyamuk, best kalo mo workout. Last2 menari Poco2 dalam bilik jak la begini. Huahuahua.. Kedapatan..

By the way, in case any mums are reading this (or even doctors for that matter), I am hoping that I could get some insight into Sophie's latest habit. She used to be able to finish 9 ounces of milk everytime she feeds (even an hour after a meal). For the past 2 weeks however, she hasn't been finishing her milk. Mesti about 2 ounces or so tinggal and she would just chew on the teat. I know she is currently teething so could this be the cause? Any insight is highly appreciated.

Thanks for reading this post. Until the next one. Cheers!