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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lifestyle Change: Gebu Gebu Taipau


I haven't done a Lifestyle Change post in weeks. I must say, I have been slacking off with the workouts, fruits-and-veges-everyday thingy. The weird thing is, I managed to maintain the weight that I lost and even lost a little bit more! Pelik kan?

Of course, I know that weight is not everything. How you fit into your clothes matters too. Well, my jeans fit just fine with a little room to spare. Cuma my upper body la rasa macam mengembang and my cheeks are definitely gebu gebu taipau (Pau is a Chinese steamed bun. Taipau is a large sized pau, about double the average one).

Is it possible that my fat cells have all done a 'Great Migration' like the animals on Animal Planet channel from my lower body to my upper body? Heran betul sy.

Anyways, there are still good habits that I retained. I eat less rice, whenever there are vegetables I would eat lots of it. I also would stop eating when I am full (Tapi menapau untuk makan kalau lapar tengah2 malam.. Huahuahua). My water intake is still between 1.5 litres - 3 litres a day. Breakfast tidak pernah miss.

Snacking la yg sy mo control balik sekarang ni especially the junk food. Need to dig deep again to look for my willpower.

Have you established any good eating habits lately? Until the next post. Cheers!