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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Weird Encounter..


A few days ago I was at the Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak (KKIA) for Sophie's quarterly clinic visit with my mum. As we were waiting to be called a nurse came up to us all friendly like she knew my mum. They exchanged "How do you do"s and what not.

The nurse began to ask my mum when will she be coming for a PAP smear test again? Mum answered bla bla bla.. Then the nurse asked my mum "Are you still doing this?" and tapped the index finger of her right hand onto the palm of her other hand.

Do you know what that means? (Sepa yg ndatau tu most probably bawah umur so ndapa la kalo kamu ndatau. Sepa yang tau tu diam2. Cukup sekadar senyum tersipu2 malu. Lol...) I almost laughed out loud but caught myself in time. My mum was so surprised she stuttered. The expression on her face was priceless! Hoho..

You might think that I am being juvenile about this. After all, it's "nature's call" in it's own way right? As an adult and mother to a beautiful daughter I should be able to keep a straight face shouldn't I? I could. Really. I just find the whole situation was absuredly funny and horrifying at the same time. Maybe it's because she whispered the question so conspirationaly to my mum. Maka bila dia signal mcm tu, lelaki yang di hujung saaannnaaa luar klinik pun tau apa topic yg dia bisik2.

What made this super hilarious to me was that after the nurse went off, I asked my mum who that was and my mum answered bemusedly,"I have no idea". Lol.. I guess she was trying to be a friend and a nurse at the same time but it was still bizarre because I was there. Good thing I didn't hear my mum's answer or I'd have been traumatised for life. Yikes!

Moral of the story? Before you ask a question of intimate nature (especially if you're a nurse trying to pass as a friend), please pause and recall if you have talked to that person at least 12 times in the past year. If you have, proceed with caution and refrain from using signals and lewd, meaningful facial expressions. Really.

Have you encountered any bizzare situations with people you barely know or don't know at all?

Until the next post. Cheers!