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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Lifestyle Change Day 1: The First Step


Today is the 1st day of my exercise and healthy eating project. Here is what I ate and the exercise I did:


9.00am: Woke up late so I only drank a mug of Anlene Creamy Taste milk before jogging.

11.10am: 1 slice of white bread toast with peanut butter and light drizzle of honey. 1 slice of cheddar cheese (shared with Sophie).

12.45pm: 1 portion of rice, half portion veges (bamboo shoot with cabbage), chicken soup with 2 cuts of chicken.

4.15pm: 3 cream cracker biscuits and 1 peanut cake.

5.45pm: 1slice of Cheddar cheese (shared with Sophie), 1 mug of plain Milo.

7.45pm: 1 portion of rice, 1 boiled cheese sausage, 2 cuts of chicken, chicken soup.

9.00pm: 2 1/2 slices of chocolate cake.


9.30am: Ran 1.4km and walked 1.6m.(600m-400m-400m interchanging laps)

So how do you think I've done so far? Give some constructive criticism kay. Cheers!