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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 4: Fear To Fail

Hello readers..
I don't know how many times I had wanted to start this lifestyle change but didn't because I couldn't face another failure. Even just last night I wondered how long this current attempt is going to last. A week? A month? Would this be the change that lasts a life time, the one that would finally help me lose weight and attain the healhy lifestyle that I crave?

I am telling you honestly dear readers, this fear can be crippling sometimes. I guess it's my personal demon. Everyday I need to pep myself and make me believe that I can make this work. That I can really do this and make this succeed no matter how many times I have failed. I have been trying to lose weight for 10 years. It's time the waiting stops don't you think?

This is my entry for today.


7.45am: Oat + Anlene milk + sprinkle of raisins, Red Guara instant coffee.

10.30am: 5 pcs of plain cheese crackers.

12.30pm: Sardine bergedil sandwich made from 2 white bread toast + 3 sardine bergedils + homemade dressing (2 tsp mayo + strips of large red onion + seasoning + lemon juice + hot chilli sauce), Lipton tea with no milk + 1 teaspoon white sugar.

5.30pm: 1 apple.

7.30pm: 1 portion white rice, half portion of veges (bamboo shoots and cabbage), half a small fish (fried), 1 sardine bergedil.

11.00am: 1 mug of hot Milo.

Water intake: 3.6 litres

Exercise: 30 minutes of Poco-poco.

See you in my next entry. Cheers!