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Monday, April 29, 2013

Lifestyle Change Day 20: Day Before Weigh-in

Hello hello...

I am so nervous about tomorrow's weigh-in. One part of me thinks that I would be able to achieve that 5kg weight loss goal. Another part of me doubts it a little bit. Although to be fair, I have only been on this lifestyle change for 3 weeks instead of the standard 4 weeks. It would be nice to achieve my goal in a shorter amount of time of course so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

As a part of a last day workout, I decided to do 2 exercise sessions today. Check out my log for today:


10.00am: White bread toast.1 slice Cheddar cheese, 1 apple, protein powder + black soybean drink.

1.10pm: 1 portion rice, 1 roasted chicken drumstick, 1/2 serving of Kecipir veges.

2.45pm: 2 red bean glutinous rice dessert in rich milk gravy.

8.20pm: 1 portion of rice, 1 serving of roast chiken, 2 bites of leftover KFC Korean Crunch chicken, 1 serving of sauteed Kecipir.

Water intake: 3 litres.


- Jogged for 25 minutes. Medium intensity. Increased distance today.

- Walked for 1 1/2 hours. Low intensity.

Stay tuned for my weigh-in results tomorrow. Cheers!