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Monday, April 15, 2013

Lifestyle Change Day 6: Cracking Under Pressure?

Hello all...

Today I didn't work out vigorously and I kept feeling hungry. I was okay until 2.00pm when I succumbed to a packet of corn chips and things started going downhill from there. You can check my food entry to see what I mean.

I feel worried. Why am I feeling this way? Is it hormones that are making me seemingly forever hungry? Or is it the "7-Day Itch" (or rather in this case, 6-Day Itch) where people would normally crack under the pressure of making changes in their diet?

I am trying not to let if affect me and move on. I am going to do better tomorrow, InsyaAllah. Mindset Phoebe, mindset!

So here is my entry for today:


8.00am: 1 mug DCL Red Guara Coffee

8.40pm: 1 serving of instant oats + sprinkle of raisins + Anlene milk, 1 apple

12.45pm: 1 portion of rice, 2 cuts of stewed chicken and 1 fried egg (sunny side up).

2.00pm: 1 small pkt (4 servings) of Chachos (BBQ) and 1 slice of cheese cake.

5.00pm: 2 slices of orange Swiss roll.

8.00pm: 1 pct of instant noodles, 1 apple.

11.30pm: 2 slices of orange Swiss Roll.

Water intake: 3.6 litres.


25 minutes of walking around the living room.

This is all for now. Cheers!