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Friday, April 26, 2013

Lifestyle Change Day 17: Blue With Veges

Hello hello,

All this while I have never ever been concerned on the serving size of vegetables. I thought that as long as I was eating a lot of them, it would be enough. Tonight I used a measuring cup to really get the correct serving size of cabbages.

Now correct me if I am wrong but a serving of vegetables is 2 cups if raw and 1 cup if cooked. Boy was I bamboozled when I saw how much cabbages 2 cups would yield. Let's just say after practically turning blue in the face trying to finish them, I will not even be looking at cabbages in a long, long while. The person/people who determined the serving size for veges must be bonkers.

Anyways, here is my log for day 17:


7.45am: 1 portion of instant oats, Anlene milk, 1 apple.

10.00am: 3 cream crackers.

12.00pm: 3 fried chicken balls, 2 baked chicken bergedils, 1 sweet flour cake.

1.00pm: 2 portion fried rice, 1 fried chicken ball, 3 baked chicken bergedils.

3.30pm: 3 tiger biscuits, 2 cheese (cream) biscuits, 1 mug hazelnut coffee.

7.00pm: 1 serving of cabbages, 1 portion fried rice, 3 fried chicken balls.

9.45pm: 1 mug of hot Milo.

Water intake: 3 litres.


-Strength training using Jorge Cruise programme. Low intensity.

-15 minutes walking. Low intensity.

See you tomorrow. Cheers!