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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lifestyle Change Day 12: Feast!

Hello hello...

Yesterday I was told to have 3 moderate meals a day with no snacks in between. If I need a snack, I should only have fruits.

Now looking at my food log the past week, you'd know that I eat 5-6 small meals a day. I felt apprehensive but decided to give it ago anyway. I must say that I am pleasantly surprised that after breakfast, I did not feel hungry until lunch time. Normally I would be a raging pirrahna within 2 hours of my last meal. However, it is still too early to draw any concrete conclusion from all this.

Today we have a guest in the house and so we decided to prepare a more elaborate meal. My mum made roast chicken whereas I prepared cole slaw and egg custard pudding with caramel sauce. It's a good thing that I am scheduled to jog tomorrow, that's all I can say.

To be honest, I feel nervouse about my weight-in the day after tomorrow. I feel like there has been quite a few indulgences this second week. I hope that I am still losing weight as I think that my portions are still smaller than in the past.

Okay, enough of that already. Here is my log for today:


8.30am: 1 portion oat, 1 apple.

1.00pm: 1 1/2 portion wonton soup noodles + mushroom + dory fish slices, 1 banana.

3.30pm: 1 mug of hazelnut coffee, 1 egg tart.

6.30pm: 3 pcs of plain cream crakers.

8.45pm: 1/2 portion white rice, 1/4 medium sized potato (roasted), 3 cuts of roasted chicken, 1 portion of kangkung, 2 helpings of egg custard pudding with caramel sauce.

Water intake: 3 litres


20 minutes walking, low intensity

Until tomorrow. Cheers!