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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lifestyle Change Day 19: Eating Smart.

Hello there,

Just a little disclaimer before I start. I am in no way a dietition nor am I a nutritionist. What I am about to share with you is what works for me and I would like to share it with you. Who knows, it might work for you too.

So here is the story.

This afternoon my sister turned up with a KFC Family Feast set in tow. Once upon a time I would have felt upset because I wouldn't be able to resist and stuffed my face. Yeah, I don't have the willpower to say 'No' to a piece (or 3) of juicy, fried chicken drumstick. Nowadays I feel that I have found a smarter way to eat fastfood that works for me.

First of all I would make sure that I have a piece of fresh fruit or 1 serving of lightly sauteed vegetables (2 cups worth if raw, 1 cup's worth if cooked) before having fast food. It reduces my hunger considerably and ensures that I would only be able to eat a little bit of the fast food. For example, today I initially took a thigh and drumstick but after eating the long beans I had to switch the thigh with a smaller part which is the wing.

Another thing I would do is to order my favorite food ala carte whenever possible. If it is KFC, I'd pick the Hot and Spicy drumstick, not the Snack Plate. If I'm at Burger King, I'd have their fries only. If it is McDonalds, I'd take a McFlurry. You get my drift. That way I would be able to satiate my main cravings without getting distracted by other foods and be more likely to consume less calories.

Aside from that, I try my best to control my portions especially when I am having a set meal. For example, 2-3 teaspoons of whipped potatoes, 2 smaller pieces of fried chicken and a quarter or half of the fizzy drink.

Last but not least, drink loads of water. It will flush out toxins from all that processed food. If you have a good, safe detox tea then drink it.

That is all really. Hope that it helps you. Now let's have a look at my log for today:


7.45am: 1 1/2 portion of instant oats, Anlene milk and 1 apple.

12.46pm: 2 pcs of KFC Korean Crunch chicken (drumstick and wing), 4 teaspoon of whipped potato, 4 teaspoon cole slaw, 1 serving of lightly sauteed long beans, 150ml Pepsi.

4.30pm: Protein powder + black soya drink.

7.30pm: 1 apple, 1 Colonel burger, 1/2 KFC Korean Crunch chicken thigh, 3 teaspoons whipped potato, 3 teaspoons of cole slaw.

Water intake: 3 litres.


25 minutes walk. Low intensity.

Stay tuned for tomorrow. Cheers!

P/S: Just to put it out there that the 2 pieces of KFC chicken in my instagram (thigh and drumstick) was taken before I decided to switch the thigh for a wing part.



Asrih Arif said...

I'm also undergoing a serious lifestyle change.. In my life this year is my first time reaching 70kg... so I feel you bie!