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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lifestyle Change Day 15: I Will No Longer Be Afraid

Hello there,

I have always been the type that avoids confrontations. 2 days ago I went jogging and although I managed to push myself to meet my goal but somehow I still felt something missing. I didn't think that I had pushed myself enough. Yesterday's weight gain didn't help either.

I remember watching Extreme Makeover a few days ago. This 49 year old guy wanted to lose half his body weight by his 50th birthday which was in 1 year's time. The 1st thing the trainer did was made him run on the threadmill going faster and faster lasting a minute each time. The idea behind this was for him to face and completely let go of his fear that it it would all be too much for him, that he wouldn't be able to make it. The guy fell but kept going on. He eventually managed to stay running till the end by his 4th attempt.

The reason why I shared this story is that I realised that I have the same fear of failure. I challenge myself with something I was quite comfortable with, not something way beyond that. And so today I went jogging, determined to run faster and complete my run at an earlier time. I confronted my fear of not achieving my goals.

You know what? Not only did I run faster, I also reduced my recovery (brisk walking) time and managed to shave 2 minutes if not more off my usual running time. Just when I felt like I wanted to stop at 2 rounds (I started to feel tired earlier because of my increased speed), I would push myself to run the 3rd. Alhamdulillah, I made it and I am hungry for more. I will no longer be afraid to push my boundaries, insyaAllah.

By the way, this is my log for today:


8.30am: 2 pcs of white bread toast both with peanut butter and drizzle of honey, 1 apple, 1 mug of hazelnut white coffee.

1.30pm: 1 portion of rice, 1 pc of fried chicken drummet, 1 portion of sauteed long beans, 1 portion of minced chicken with bombay onion and mushrooms, 1 1/2 portion of pudding with caramel sauce, 75ml of Tropicana Twister orange juice.

5.45pm: 2 pcs of Julie's cheese biscuits.

8.00pm: 1 portion of rice, 1/2 portion sauteed long beans, 1/2 portion minced chicken stir-fried with mushrooms and Bombay onion, 2 pcs fried chicken drummet.

11.30pm: 1 mug of milk.

Water intake: 2.4 litres.


-8 Minutes in the Morning moves for strengtg training. Low intensity.
-17 minutes jogging and walking. Medium intensity.

Until the next post. Cheers!