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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lifestyle Change Day 9: Soldiering On

Hello all,

Not much to say today, only that I still felt pain in my legs and I wan't able to enjoy my jogging session due to that discomfort.

Here is my entry for today.


9.45am: 1 portion of instant oats + Anlene milk.

11.15.am: 2 slices of honeydew.

12.30pm: 1/2 a portion of rice, 1 fried cheese sausage, 1 portion of long beans sauteed with egg and 1/2 piece small fried fish.

5.30pm: 3 pcs of cream crackers, 1 mug tea with no milk + 1 level teaspoon of white sugar.

7.55pm: 1/2 portion of rice, 1 portion of long beans sauteed with egg, 1/2 piece of small fried fish, 1 fried cheese sausage, 1 piece of Cadbury chocolate.

Water intake: 3.6 litres


8.37am: 1.8km running and walking at 600m-600m-600m intervals.

Stay tuned for my next entry. Cheers!