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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lifestyle Change Day 16: Sugar Rush

Hello all...

Today I can't seem to keep off sugary foods. I don't know if it's hormonal, triggered by a particular food or something else. I am really worried that today's slip up will hurt my progress.

This is my log for today:


7.00am: 1 portion of instant oats, Anlene milk, 1 apple.

11.00am: 1 pkt instant noodles, 1 egg fried sunny side up.

1.00pm: 1 portion rice, 1 portion long beans, 2 pcs of fried chicken drummet.

4.30pm: 1 cream bun, 3 sugared flour pancakes, 1 mug of thick Milo drink.

7.45pm: 1 portion of rice, 1 portion of vegetable, 2 pcs of fried chicken drummet.

10.00pm: 1 mug of thick Milo drink.

Water intake: 2.4 litres.


40 minutes walking. Low intensity.

Until tomorrow. Cheers!