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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lifestyle Change Day 7: Racing With Myself

Hello dearies,

During my last jog session I noticed that I was breathing easier and that I was completing my laps about 5 minutes earlier. I decided that today I would increase my running distance but after yesterday's slide down the 'Diet Slippery Slip', I woke up still feeling guilty and not confident. It was quite an effort for me to lace up my running shoes as I was bombarded with self-doubt.

During my run I had to do a lot of pep talk to myself. Alhamdullilah, I managed to reach my jogging target. When I finished my final running lap I felt as if I had just won a marathon against myself and I felt like a million dollars. So what is the lesson here guys? The lesson is how we think can either cripple us or make us do amazing things. Let us all try our hardest to practice thinking positive as well as be encouraging, understanding and kind to ourselves for it is something that is so easy to overlook, but can really effect our lives.

Another good news is that although I was scared, I decided to weigh myself today and I lost 3.5kgs in the past 7 days! So happy! I am going to take this weight loss at face value. Meaning dear readers that I am not going to downplay it by saying that "Ah, it's just water weigh" and neither am I going to disillusion myself by saying "I think I lost 4kgs, it's just that I drank loads of water earlier/I am wearing clothes, that's why it's 3.5kg". My target weight loss for this month is 1.5kgs away. How exciting is that?

Anyways, this is my entry for today.


8.00am: 1 mug of DCL Red Guara instant coffee.

10.00am: 1 portion of instant oats + Anlene milk + sprinkle of raisins.

12.45pm: Half a Sardine Martabak with curry and Dhal gravy.

3.30pm: 1 apple.

5.00pm: My remaining half of Sardine Martabak with curry and Dhal gravy.

7.30pm: Wonton noodle in soup with crab fillamen and prawn-flavoured balls.

8.10pm: 1 piece of Cadbury chocolate

11.45pm: 1 slice of Swiss roll.

Water intake: 3.6 litres.


8.43am: Jogged 1.8km and walked 1.8km at 600m-600m-600m intervals.

Until tomorrow's entry. Cheers!